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iPhone® and iPod Touch® Mem O Ree

Welcome to Mem O Ree
Mem O Ree is a fun, challenging game based on the classic memory card games but includes so much more. The essence is turning over upside-down tiles until you've found all of the matches.
Mem O Ree gives you all of these features to vary the challenge:
Be sure to look at the screen shots to get an idea of all of the memory-challenging possibilities in this game. Some involve a large amount of concentration to complete!

How To Enjoy Mem O Ree
When the game starts you will see a grid of 24 tiles; each tile is upside down. The other side of these tiles contains a shape. There are 12 pairs of unique shapes. After touching one tile it will turn over showing you the shape on the other side. You must now touch another tile. If the shape on the other side matches the shape on the first tile, these two tiles will remain rightside up. If the shapes do not match, they will both turn upside down again hiding the shape. The object of the game is to remember where these shapes are located and turn over all of the matches. A timer keeps track of your progress in this game. A thermometer keeps track of your matches and misses. Keep reading to learn about these selectable twists that might make the game more challenging and exciting.

Enjoying the Twists
To change the twists, touch the button labeled Twists at the top of the Mem O Ree screen. These twists, or options, control various aspects of the game. After making changes, click the button labeled Done at the top of the Twists screen. For the twists to take effect you must click the New Game button at the top of the Mem O Ree screen.
Items in a match
The number of matching tiles you must find in one selection. The game starts up needing to match two tiles, you may opt to match two, three, or four tiles. Since more tiles are required for a match there will be fewer unique patterns with 3-tile and 4-tile matches.

Game size
The number of tiles in the game. Small (Sm) is 24 tiles, Medium (Md) is 36 tiles, and Large (Lg) is 48 tiles. The game starts up with 24 tiles. A 48-tile game uses the whole screen for tiles so the timer and thermometer will be off of the screen; you may flick the screen upwards to see them and flick it back down again to continue playing.

The style shown on the tiles. You have three choices.
Gems is a selection of gem stones.
Numbers will always respect the count, that is, there will be only one set of tiles with two dots, one set with three dots, and so forth.
Patterns The pattern itself is important irrespective of the count, so three dots in a vertical row differs from three dots in a diagonal.

The number of colors used in the game. You have three choices.
One means all of the tiles in a game will contain the same color.
More means the dots in a tile will be of the same color but you could see a similar number or pattern of a different color.
Most means there will be multiple colors in each tile.

The color always makes a tile unique, that is, a similar number or pattern may exist with a different color; you must match the color as well as the number or pattern. There are no color choices for gems.

The higher the complexity, the more dots there will be in the tiles. There are no complexity choices for gems.

This will periodically rescramble the hidden matches. This means all of the upside down tiles will have their locations changed, so wherever you thought they were before, they now have been moved! Long allows the longest amount of time between rescrambles, Med and Short offer progressively shorter times.

When Rescramble is on a new red thermometer will appear at the bottom of your screen letting you know how long you have before a rescramble occurs. When a rescramble occurs the upside down tiles will momentarily become pink and the red thermometer will reset itself.

View time
Adjusts the amount of time that a mismatch is displayed. Move the slider to the right for a longer display time.

Turns sound effects on or off. There is a sound for a match and a sound for a miss.

Other Considerations And Hints

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