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Welcome to Make Math Work. This web site will allow you to easily solve a wide variety of math problems. You can type commands in directly or use step-by-step forms.

How To Use Make Math Work
Simply type a command into the Entry Box, then type in the numbers or other information you want that command to work on. The Entry Box is the box above the Calculate Button. If typing on your keyboard does not cause anything to appear in this box, first click in the Entry Box using your mouse.

After entering a command and some numbers, click on the Calculate Button to solve the problem entered into the Entry Box. The commands that Make Math Work will recognize are listed in this Help Index.

How To Use This Help
Anything you find in bold blue in these help forms can be cut-and-pasted into the Make Math Work Entry Box. Clicking the Calculate Button will give you the result.
Anything in underlined Bold Blue can be clicked and will be automatically evaluated just as if you had cut-and-pasted it into the Entry Box.

Try It Yourself
To try one, use the mouse to point to the Entry Box and click so a blinking vertical line appears in it. Type in these words and numbers:
Add 4, 8
and click the Calculate Button.

The addition problem and sum will be shown in column form. Notice the red "1", indicating that 10 was carried into the 10's column.

Make Math Work does not care whether you use capital (upper case) letters or small (lower case) letters-- ADD 4, 8 or even aDd 4, 8 works the same way as Add 4, 8. Use a space to separate the command from the numbers. If your command requires any more words, separate the words with a space. If your command requires more than one number, separate the numbers with a comma. For example, Divide Remainder 8, 4.

Jump Start
While Make Math Work has a rich vocabulary, it may be hard to remember all of the commands and their parameters. The Jump Start feature doesn't require you to memorize any commands. Jump Start will display extra help and will give you a set of entry boxes for your inputs. It will then translate your inputs into the appropriate Make Math Work command and perform the calculation.

You can try one yourself. Click on the Jump Start link below the Calculate button. Click the Basic Arithmetic link, then click the Multiply link. Enter the appropriate parameters as requested and click the Finish button. Your parameters will be translated into a command string like Multiply 3, 2 and the result will be calculated.

More Goodies
If you do not enter a command, Make Math Work will attempt to solve your entry as a math expression. For example, if you enter 2 + 3, you will get a result of 5. If you enter 2 + 3 * 4, you will get a result of 14. For more information, click on this compute link.

Make Math Work easily works with fractions. To work with a fraction, enclose it in square brackets. For example, to add two fractions, enter [1/4] + [1/5] and click the Calculate Button. You will get a result of 9/20. For more information, click on this fractions link.

Click on this examples link for a list of clickable examples.

More Help
For more specific help, click on this Help Index link or the Help Index link at the top of this page.

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